Race Day Schedule – Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22nd, 2018

6:30 AM – Race Day Registration Opens
Elmhurst College Gymnasium, 221 Walter St, Elmhurst
½ block west of warming tent
Right at Trolley drop-off

7:00 AM – Trolleys begin from York St and Vallette St [South]
Wwith 2 stops on Spring Rd.
And from York High School
Further info posted on Trolley page

7:30 AM – Start Line and Finish Line installation complete
Sound system complete
Announcements begin

8:30 AM – Dignitaries to Start Line, buses loaded

8:45 AM – Honor Guard, Men of Spirito! in position

8:48 AM – Welcome by Dan
Introduce dignitaries, honorary starters

8:50 AM – Introduce the Mayor Steve Morley

8:52 AM – Final remarks by Dan [families, loved ones, military]

8:54 AM – Introduce Honor Guard

8:55 AM – Moment of silence

8:56 AM – Men of Spirito! Patriotic Medley
Lima Lima first fly over during medley

8:59 AM – 30 second countdown

9:00 AM – Start, “Let’s light this candle”!…”Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong

10:10 AM – Awards, on stage, in warming tent

Trolley’s last run is 11:30 AM